Bath of Gratitude

If you have the desire to say An'anasha for all the gifts you have received here, go deeply into your heart.

Expand it and visualize, if you can, the crystal of gratitude An'anasha and let it circulate in your body of light and in your room.


Crystal of Gratitude

(please see on the right)

Send the crystal An'anasha or the feelings of love and gratitude to the spiritual world, which has made these energy transfers, gifts and messages possible. With all their love they are at all times willing and ready to help you and all the human beings, who are able to open up for them.

Now send your gratitude to the universe and to All-That-Is.

And now you are getting a wave of gratitude in return.

For all the love that you give, you will get back a thousandfold!

Receive the waves of love and gratitude in stillness or listen to the tunes of the divine reality in the meantime (please see on the right).

An'anasha for you, dearest reader, that you have opened up.

We are blessed.


channeled through Martina Shana Haider, English translation by Regina Saskia Huber

Heilungsbad, Bade in den Energien der Wirklichkeit, der Engel, der geistigen Welt, Kryon, Lady Nada, Engel Michael, Merlin und viele andere erwarten Dich


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Bath of Gratitude
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