Bath of Forgiveness

Omar ta satt,

I am the angel of forgiveness. I am here together with the angel of innocence and the angel of mercy. Today great healing is being given to you, for healing is unendingly important for you, beloved sublime light in a human body. You have been distressed so often by old feelings of guilt, your thoughts have been penetrated so often by negative thoughts and impulses, of human beings who seemingly did you wrong, led you astray or who even hurt you. However, this is not real, this is illusion, for at a higher level you had already created all these meetings and arrangements.

Even if you had been harmed, this had been your desire at a higher level, for example to have a balance made for something that you had done to another person at an earlier date or even in an earlier life or in order to learn something. Yet, karma as you know it does not exist any more. Mankind is going to a higher level of vibration, onto the 5th dimension and is leaving the game of duality. Together with this karma is being dissolved. Thus you do not have to make a balance for former karmic "guilt" any more. You are exempted from it and you may exempt others from it, too, for now old blocks, structures and memories, that are connected with it,  are being released. You may now let go all of it.

Angel Michael is approaching and he is going to cut all that is no longer beneficial to you at this moment. Feel the power of his lightsaber and let go of everything consisting of fear, anger, hatred and envy that is still within you. Let it rise and archangel Michael is now cutting these attachments.

Let all this happen. And meanwhile breathe deeply.

Now it is important that you forgive all those who ever harmed you. You wanted them to do so. You had created this game at a higher level in order for deeply rooted structures within you be able to  surface. As this worked out, now send your heart ray to those human beings who harmed you.

Go into your center. Breathe deeply and now activate your heart ray. You do this by letting grow a ray of love out of your heart right in this moment. Every human being has this ray of love. Archangel Chamuel is going to help you now to activate it from within yourself.

Feel the love deep down within you. Feel the ray of your heart growing out of your center and abandon yourself to this love. Maybe this hurts in the beginning, for ever so often in your everyday life have you neglected the love in your heart in your life in duality.

Your heart ray is activated. Now put the crystal ENA on top of your heart ray. This is the holy crystal of forgiveness.

Crystal of Forgiveness: ENA (see on the right)

Now send this crystal on top of your heart ray with all your love to the situations and human beings that you can forgive in this moment. Allow the pain that has accompanied you to surface. Everything is allowed to be and you may now forgive all the human beings who have ever harmed you.

When situations, pictures, feelings and human beings appear within you, send them ENA and you will feel the redemption.

Now take your time for this.

(Listen to the sounds of the divine reality in the meantime or perform the forgiveness in silence)


To forgive will give you within yourself the profoundest redemption and paired with it freedom, for it is you who you hurt in reality when you cannot forgive. You harm yourself and you are not in the moment, in the here and now. For in the moment you are whole, in the moment you are sound. Arrive in the here and now. And now we'll come to an issue which is very difficult for many human beings.

Forgive yourself what you ever did to yourself.

And forgive yourself what you ever did to others.

As you know by now you had arranged it all at a higher level and created it with your counterpart. It was the human experience in dual structures.

Now let go and send deep forgiveness and love to yourself via your heart ray with the crystal ENA, the crystal of forgiveness.

In the meantime the angels are holding you, you may let go of your pain, of the structures of self hatred and of the deprived self love. Let everything go, it is longer beneficial for you. It may go eventually.

Forgive yourself – ENA.

Forgive yourself – ENA.

Forgive yourself – ENA.

Now speak the following from the center of your heart:

I, (your name), forgive myself everything that I ever did to myself.

I forgive myself everything that I ever did to myself.

I forgive myself  everything that I ever did to myself.

In this and in all the other incarnations.

I had planned it at a higher level, but now I let go and realize that I am love. I am Elexier. I am So'Ham. I am God and I forgive myself and thus redeem everything within myself that is self mortification and self hatred and  which is still there.

I am love.

I am love.

I am love.

I forgive myself – ENA.

I forgive myself – ENA.

I forgive myself – ENA.

And I let fingerpointing towards myself go.

I let guilt go.

I let go – El'Gotsha.

I let go – Mona'Oha

I trust that everything is good and right for me as it takes place, as it took place and as it will take place.

I trust.

I trust.

I trust.

I also forgive myself all that I will ever do to me.

I also forgive myself what I did to others, what I do to them and what I will do to them

I forgive myself.

I forgive myself.

I forgive myself.

(Repeat "I forgive myself" until you feel that the energies of forgiveness flow through you unhamperedly if this is possible.)

Now let the energies of forgiveness flow within yourself.

Feel the peace that has thus developed within you.

If you like, create world peace together with us and with Ashtar Sheran and go on to the next meditation for you are ready for it.

An'anasha, sublime light in a human body. ENA was bestowed onto you. Deeply felt, true Ena.


channeled through Martina Shana Haider, English translation by Regina Saskia Huber

Heilungsbad, Bade in den Energien der Wirklichkeit, der Engel, der geistigen Welt, Kryon, Lady Nada, Engel Michael, Merlin und viele andere erwarten Dich


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