Healing Bath

Close your eyes and visualize a rain of pure gold falling down upon you.

You are being sprinkled with love. Now.

And now. And now.

Close your eyes for about 2 minutes and feel the rain of gold, which the Goldangels are sending to you. Grant them your permission, and thus it will come to pass.

This is a healing ritual.

A bath, during which you can, may and are to leave the troubles of everyday life behind you. For all these troubles are not real. They are part of a game. A game, which makes you  experience what it is like to be human. For in reality you are a gorgeous Golden Angel. You don't believe it?

Then feel it.

In this very moment we, the Goldangels, will transfer this knowledge to you as it is good and right for you. We are now very close to you. Now, grant us the permission to touch your heart again. For we are now going to work on your soul aspect and on your original aspect. This will enable you  to feel your true being, which is love. Your angelic being. Your true being.

Are you ready? Come on, take heart. You've got nothing to loose, except for the illusion.

Don't be afraid, we are full of love for you.

Now, when you are ready, close your eyes and grant us your permission, and thus it will come to pass.

Energy is being transferred. Energies of love and activation. Take a time of about 3 minutes for this  and close your eyes.

Now the energy transfer is ended.

We, the Gold Angels, give our thanks to you Golden Angel that you have opened up in order to accept the miracles and gifts from God.

Know that you are sheltered.

Know that you are protected and that we are always by your side, no matter where, no matter when.

Thus be it.

Golden Angel, we bid you farewell using the holy words of light and of love

A ni o'heved o'drach.

Helau amnes matei.

Grand things have come to pass, you will see.


channeled through Martina Shana Haider, English translation by Regina Saskia Huber

Heilungsbad, Bade in den Energien der Wirklichkeit, der Engel, der geistigen Welt, Kryon, Lady Nada, Engel Michael, Merlin und viele andere erwarten Dich


Healing Bath

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