Magical Bath of Healing

While you are enjoying the magical bath of healing, you can – if you like – let the soft tunes of the divine reality play. It will open your heart for the messages and energy transfers to come.

Open your heart,

while I – the high magical being of light Merlin – am talking to you.

What I want to share with you today is not unknown to you, however, you try to run away from the responsibility behind it.

The power of your thoughts. It is immense and yet you use it so unconsciously. Be aware of this power, that you carry within you, once again here and now.

You are a high being of light on earth with magnificent qualities. But just as you can use your qualities wisely and full of humility and awareness, you can also misuse them. However, you are often not yet entirely aware of your qualities. Instead, you focus on other things and forget that each and every thought will become manifest in your life.

Hear my words: Each and every thought bears an energetic pattern.

Each and every thought becomes manifest in your soul.

If you hurt others with words or thoughts, you first and foremost harm yourself, for each of these thoughts will leave an energetic pattern, a structure, an imprint in your soul, which is beneficial or not beneficial to you.

The spiritual world speaks to you so often about this matter and so often you ignore it in your everyday life, for it is another thing to really live this knowledge.

Are you ready to do this?

For only then are you ready to really turn your life into a positive new direction.

Here is my gift for you. A great gift of healing and awareness, for: you carry the power to become whole, to be whole, WITHIN you. With the help of your thoughts you not only create moods, feelings and emotions for yourself. Those of tomorrow and the day after tomorrow, too. If you do not set bounds to harmful and negative thoughts and opinions, even those, that you take over from the collective, who is going to do it?

Become mindful as often as you can.

Become alert in each and every moment and watch your thoughts, actions and deeds. They create the world around you and above all within you.

You are God.

Has anybody told you that already? Yes, a thousand times and therefore use this power, which not only we, the spiritual world, and I, Merlin, carry within us. You, too, have this power.

Pradna, the strength of the divine reality, is flowing to you.

Elexier, the love of the divine reality, is flowing to you.

I am also here to bring you another great gift.

I am now going to cleanse your thought funnel.

If you wish for me to do it, please give me your permission, for your thoughts determine your life.

(Energy is being transferred. Take a time of 4 minutes for this.

If you like, additionally visualize the crystal Nasha'o.)

Great healing is taking place if you see:

You create your life with your thoughts in the here and now, in the past and in the future.

A ni o'heved o'drach. My magical love is flowing to you, high being of light. You are magic. You carry the divine power within you. Unlock it.

You have the power.

Become aware of it.

So be it.


channeled through Martina Shana Haider, English translation by Regina Saskia Huber

Heilungsbad, Bade in den Energien der Wirklichkeit, der Engel, der geistigen Welt, Kryon, Lady Nada, Engel Michael, Merlin und viele andere erwarten Dich


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