Private Healing Session

You‘ve already received many energetic gifs on this homepage, gifts from god. If you want to receive an even more personal gift you have the chance to receive a private healing session through me by telephone, over distance.

„Feel the love and the healing that flows to you

through the spiritual world,

connecting earth and sky within you.

Feel that love and healing is your true self,

so it is.“

Lord Sananda

This session includes:

  1. -a personal aura cleaning and harmonizing your spiritual energy field. By purifying your soul this treatment helps you to increase your awareness of yourself, putting you in touch with your life path and life potential.

  2. -a personal message from the spiritual world. The Angels and Masters of Light will send you the energies that you need at the moment to recognize the next step on your path. These words are filled with such pure love and light - feel that behind every word lies a great energy that is just for you.

  3. -a pesonal blessing bath. A blessing from God is pure grace. Feel the uncondinital love while bathing in the hands of God.

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Private healing session

Martina Shana Haider,

Medium, Bioenergy-therapist, Aura healer (according to Heiko Wenig)

Tel 0049 0 8807/94 77 011,


Energetic healing is not medicine and it is not intended to replace it but rather to complement it. For all medical questions see a medical doctor. I do not diagnose and I don't prescribe anything you would ingest, nor do I physically manipulate bones or any body parts.

Price: 100 Euro

You can pay by bank transfer.

After I‘ve received your payment you‘ll receive your treatment normally within 21 days.

If you want to scedule the session or discuss the details contact me by telepone or email: